Pakistan: A protection for capitalism in the name of religion

Source: Pakistan: A protection for capitalism in the name of religion


Pakistan: A protection for capitalism in the name of religion

you may call me Pakistani because I am living in Pakistan, but before you do, let me tell you the bitter truth of Pakistan.There is no such thing as religion although it’s Islamic republic of Pakistan but it’s not actually. The country is ruled by Capitalist and Army, they had just hacked the people of Pakistan.

Pakistan have by name, four provinces but more then 70% resources are consumed by Punjab,even this province does not produce any significant revenue for the country. you may realized that only about 25% resources are generated in Punjab.Today Punjabi dominated whole country even Armed forces are dominated by Punjabi’s. This is open violence of shariah which gives us equality irrespective of the ethnicity, the only thing is Taqwa which give you the superiority among others.

Pakistan had no such thing, but the question must be raised, why People of other provinces such as Sindh, Baluchistan had no right to be autonomous as there resource utilization is concerned. Which benefited after the creation of Pakistan is more important, absolutely Punjab(people with sikh inheritance), and you should remember that situation is not different for other provinces as the pre-partition area was concerned.

Punjabistan which is another name of Pakistan, if they get the chance to merge in khalistan movement they won’t hesitate to do it. They are the king of Pakistan, and other provinces are like slaves.You may not call it the principle of equality. This is against Equality. This is the Punjabi Monarchy. Welcome to the kingdom of Punjab, the Pakistan where Punjabi capitalist captured the country it’s military.

There was no Sindhi military general in the whole history of Pakistan.Why? although Sindh is 2nd largest province? is that due to incompetency, no, that is due to dominance. because army don’t like their Sindhi brethren. Is that Shariah? Is that shariah to decide people by ethnicity? no, absolutely not. This country is not in true sense, ‘a Islamic State’. It is capitalist state, even in more true sense, this is feudalistic state ruled by Punjabi.

How to end poverty: a short analysis ?

Poverty just like Global warming, is an global phenomena but rich people affected from global phenomena so do the poor, but in poverty only poor are affected. In broader sense, poverty is defined as “the state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount.” or “the state of being extremely poor”.

if you see it as good, better or worst in a sense to maintain social balance then you are absolutely wrong.It is the matter of life and death for the poor families and more worst, it is the matter of the humanity and inhumanity. although WHO held various seminars to eradicate this devil but not much significant effects were shown particularly in African continent because those people can self manage themselves if you fund them, than they don’t know how to utilize those funds. This shows that poverty really affected the mind more then belly.

The modern period of human civilization what i call, because of rapid growth after industrial revolution really made the opportunities for the poor as well for rich people to generate resource through Labor but capitalist gained much more then poor people because those feudalistic had the power to buy machines to start their productions.Not huge but little, after all,  a layman got the opportunity. but truly speaking that was not enough.

To conclude over the poverty, history showed us that to end poverty, motivation over getting something to generate resources is more important then just feeding the people with bread.

This is my first post, please read and review about my research over poverty.